Construction complex of the Republic of Mordovia consists of the industry of construction materials, elements and structures, contracting organizations and design and surveys companies. Industry of construction materials, elements and structures consists of 77 companies, share of this branch in total volume of industrial production of the republic makes nearly 14%. Over 6.5 thousand people are engaged in this branch, making 9.5% of the total number of people working in the industrial sphere. Main list of manufactured products include: cement, asbestos-cement and reinforced concrete elements and structures, walling and heat-insulating materials.

Average annual growth rate of volume of manufactured products during last 5 years made up over 125.0%. The biggest company of this branch is OJSC “Mordovcement” with annual capacity of 6.9 million tons of cement. It is the largest cement producer in Volga Federal District. Share of this plant in total federal production of cement makes 7.5%. Products of the branch are in constant demand in republican and Russian markets, as well as in CIS countries. Over 85% of it is sold outside Mordovia. Sufficient volume of work on reconstruction of own production basis took place within the branch. As a result of modernization of production capacities, an old system of construction materials manufacturing was replaced with production of new high-quality, energy-efficient products, which are in demand within the Russian market. Production of the following efficient walling materials was developed in the republic: cellular concrete, three-layered wall-panels, heat-insulating walling blocks with heat-insulation made of foam polystyrene, heat-insulating materials made of basalt fiber, foam polystyrene, polyterm, wall and roofing “sandwich”-panels, polyvinylchloride profile and aluminium sash pulleys and door-frames with double glazing units.

Production of modern finishing materials was developed: face bricks by French technology «CERIC», dry construction mixes, metal tiling and profile, siding, decorative fences, panel doors, curb stones and facing tiles, etc. These products are in high demand in and outside of the republic. Production of fixed casting on the basis of expanded polisterine for low-rise house building has been developed. A technology line of semi-dry method of cement production with capacity of 710 thousand tons per year was recently put into operation at OJSC “Mordovcement”. Construction of the plant with “dry” method of cement production with capacity of 2350 thousand tons has being carried out. Construction of the Staro-Alekseevsky cement plant mill department is being carried out. OJSC “Lato” developed production of new to Russian market construction material with capacity of 6 million square meters per year. It is designed for ventilated facades used for multi-storey buildings, as well as for finishing buildings and structures – fibrocement slabs. Technology of finishing facades with fibrocement slabs is designed specifically for regions with hard climate. It allows all-year “dry” assembling, efficient and safe reconstruction of any façade. It is also important that in winter time this material increases the inside temperature and in summer it lowers it. There are over 1000 construction companies in the Republic of Mordovia. They produce 9.4% of gross regional product. Volume of contract operations in 2010 made up 17.3 billion rubles. Over 27.4 thousand people are engaged in construction, making 7% of the total number of working population in the republic. Companies carry out construction activities in following spheres: industrial and social, road-building, laying gas and water pipe-lines, electric mains, communication lines. Technology of construction works is constantly developing, equipment is renewed on regular basis. Gas pipe-lines and telecommunication networks are laid by trenchless method. A priority national project “Affordable and comfortable housing – for Russian citizens” is being implemented by companies of the branch. 289.0 thousand square meters of housing were built in 2010. According to the Programme “Housing”, which was developed in the republic, over 290 thousand square meters of housing should be made available in the year 2011. Housing in the republic will be built by traditional technologies – bricks, large-panels, wood, as well as new technologies – frame-monolith with modern structure and finishing materials, etc.

Design and surveys companies of the Republic of Mordovia have all the necessary provision (software support, data-ware, hardware) for conducting design and survey activities on highest up-to-date level. During the last years a number of buildings, including apartment houses, constructed by individual designs has increased. Capital of Mordovia – Saransk was given a new look by buildings like House of Finance, Ice Palace, sports complex «Mordovia», stadium «Start» and one of the largest in Volga federal district Svyato-Fedorovsky Cathedral in Saransk, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National drama theatre, I.M.Yaushev National opera and ballet theatre, Water-sports stadium. Following construction has also been complete: air-supported physical culture and sports complexes, Ski and biathlon centre, Tennis centre of Mordovia, Olympic training centre of race-walking. On 15th of January 2010 Government of the Russian Federation issued a decree #7-r, which approved Plan of main activities related to preparation and celebration of the 1000-year Unity of the Mordovian People with Peoples of the Russian State. According to this plan major facilities are being constructed, such as: football stadium “Yubileyny”, Regional training centre of biathlon and cross country skiing, A.S.Pushkin National library, education and laboratory building #1 of Ogarev Mordovia State University, etc. Road construction is in progress.

Villages become better-looking and developed – 2-3 rural schools are built every year, rural ambulance stations, hospitals, cultural clubs and sports complexes are being built or reconstructed. Programme of rural area gasification is complete. Programme of building water pipe-lines in rural area is being implemented. Automobile roads are being built and reconstructed.


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