Nationalities inhabiting the territory of the Republic of Mordovia have their cultural roots, their own cultural past and the present as well as individual development ways. Joint residence in the same territory in peace and good neighbourly relations naturally influences mutual enrichment of cultural traditions, which creates the unique cultural background of the republic.
A broad network of culture and arts institutions uniting more than 1200 entities makes the cultural possession of the people of Mordovia. 4 state and 1 municipal theatres, a state philharmonic and 5 professional concert groups, 2 republican and 11 municipal museums, 545 mass libraries are among them, Republican House of folk art. Branch educational system is represented by 2 institutions of vocational education, over 60 children’s music and arts schools.
There are 544 institutions of culture and leisure type – clubs, culture and leisure centres. They involve over 3 thousand club entities with the total number of more than 35 thousand participants.
Network of cinema institutions is represented by autonomous institution of culture "Cinema Fund of the Republic of Mordovia", 29 cinema-projectors.
860 monuments of history, culture, architecture including 48 of federal significance are under state protection in the republic.
Creative unions uniting 259 artists, composers, theatre workers play important role in forming republican cultural potential.
Considerable experience in organizing festivals, concerts, exhibitions of professional and folk arts has been accumulated. Such annual international festivals as festival of Russian drama theatres "Compatriots", festivals of classical music "Bravo, Classics!", "December Divertissements", festival of jazz music "Veise Jazz" have become traditional.
Annual Festival of folk arts “Shumbrat, Mordovia” proves dynamic and creative development of folk arts in the republic.
In 2007 Mordovia hosted participants of the First International Festival of Finno-Ugric Cultures “Shumbrat, Finno-Ugria!”, which had invaluable significance for cultural relations and co-operation strengthening, integration of Mordovian culture into international culture.
Bureau of the Coordination Council for Culture headed by the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation A.Avdeyev took place in the republic in 2010. This fact clearly shows growing prestige of Mordovia on the national level.
Culture days of the Mordovian people are organized in different regions of Russia with high percentage of Mordva population as part of the Plan of the main celebration events of 1000-year unity of the Mordovian people with peoples of the Russian State. Best performers and creative teams from Mordovia take part in the events.
XII Russian-Finnish culture forum “Ethnic culture under conditions of globalization” was held in the year 2011. Delegations from Finland and 17 regions of Russia became its participants. The main goals of the forum – increasing the value of culture in two-way communication, developing the regions in both countries, carrying out joint partner projects.

Festival of arts “Time, go ahead!” with participation of Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra guided by V.I.Fedoseyev became an outstanding event in cultural life of the republic
Theatrical performance “Salute to the Victory” devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was the major event in 2015. More than 70 thousand spectators, about 8 thousand participants, hundreds of volunteers took part in the event. The victory anniversary celebration at the stadium was the promotion of patriotism at the republican scale. In the recent years the number of theatrical performances in the republican theatres has considerably increased. Performances devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory such as “Do not Forget the Unforgettable”, “The War has not a Women’s Face”, children’s musical comedies “Twelve Months” and “Yelena the Wise”, performance by N. Gogol’s play “Dead Souls”, performance by K. Abramov’s play “Ervyant Esenze Ormazo”, children’s performances “Silver Bell”, “Hello!”, “Chippolino” are the latest. 464.9 thousand people attended theatres in 2015. Significant attention is paid to the events devoted to anniversaries of major cultural personalities. G. Sviridov’s 100th birthday anniversary, P. Chaikovsky’s 250th birthday anniversary were celebrated in 2015. A number of events and concerts were held in the republican cultural institutions. Jubilee celebrations devoted the 75th anniversary of Mordovian state song and dance ensemble “Umarina” were held in November.

Present-day educational system of Mordovia comprises of:
- 357 educational institutions,
- 254 pre-school education institutions,
- 54 children’s supplementary education institutions,
- 31 intermediate vocational education institutions,
- 11 boarding schools.

11 865 educators including 6 545 teachers are employed in the educational system. 422 educators from Mordovia have state awards: 1 person possesses honorary degree “Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation”, 5 people – “Honoured Educator of the Russian Federation”, 8 people – “Honoured Teacher of the Republic of Mordovia”, 1 person – “People’s Teacher of the Republic of Mordovia”, 58 people – “Honoured Compulsory Education Employee of the Russian Federation”, 8 people – “Honoured Intermediate Vocational Education Employee of the Russian Federation”. 332 educators are awarded with Honourable Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In the territory of the Republic of Mordovia 707 educational institutions with the total number of more than 114 thousand children operate in the educational system. The system for gifted children support has been created in the republic. 45 per cent of school children participate in the compulsory education programme Olympics and contests of different levels. Annual republican contest of scientific and technical creative work among educational institutions learners for the prize of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia has been established. In 2015 15 contest winners received monetary awards from the Head of the Republic of Mordovia. The Republican Lyceum – Centre for Gifted Children, an innovative school project, successfully operates in the republic. It has occupied the second place among top 500 best schools in Russia, having given the pas only to the President’s Physico-Mathematical Lyceum No. 239 from Saint-Petersburg. In the last two years the Republican Lyceum has been in the top ten educational institutions of Russia; and in physics and astronomy it is the leader in the country. In the recent years its students have won 40 golden, 35 silver and 23 bronze medals in subject International (World) Olympics and tournaments. Ivan Uteshev’s golden medal in the Olympics in astrophysics in Indonesia in 2015 is the first and up till now the only medal won by the Russians in the whole history of the Olympics in astrophysics. For this achievement Ivan, 16 years old, was awarded with the Order of Glory of Mordovia of the 3rd degree. During 5 years of operation the Lyceum has been recognised and become attractive for the pupils from other regions. Now 287 people including 35 from 17 regions of Russia study at the Lyceum. Last year the construction of the building for the Interregional Centre for Gifted Children (for 300 places) was finished. The Republican Centre for Consultative and Methodological Assistance for Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics Teachers, the Republican Centre for the Olympic Movement, the Republican Training Ground for the Extension of Innovative Experience in the Work with the Gifted Children have been established on the base of the Centre. Interregional Centre for Advanced Training of Mordovian Language and Literature Teachers has been established on the base of Mordovia Republican Education Institute. 200 teachers have been trained. Recostruction of “Bersenevskaya SOSH” has been finished as well as part of the reconstruction of “Povodomovskaya SOSH”. Repair of 22 gyms in rural schools has been carried out.


The challenge for new working places in pre-school educational institutions creation is successfully met. In 2015 1270 additional places in pre-school education institutions were commissioned, including:
˗ 1025 places (6 pre-school institutions were built) in the framework of the project “Modernisation of Regional Pre-School Education System” with the attraction of the federal subsidy;
˗ 245 places in the framework of other programmes implemented in the territory of the republic, and by means of the efficient use of the available facilities.

For the arrangements implementation for regional pre-school education system modernisation in 2015 funds in the amount RUR of 280 mln. were allocated, including RUR 132 mln. – from the federal budget and RUR 148 mln. – from the regional budget. As a result availability of pre-school education for children of the age from three up to seven years makes 100 per cent. With the purpose of the nursery teacher profession promotion and creatively gifted teachers recognition the contest in professional skills “Nursery teacher – 2015” was held. In 2015 for the first time ever 10 premiums in the amount of RUR 50.0 thousand for high professional skills and significant contribution into education were awarded to the nursery teachers by the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia. Regional special programme “Spiritual and Moral Education of Children and Youth in the Republic of Mordovia for 2015 – 2020” is implemented. One of the major tasks in educational policy in the sphere of additional children’s education – educational services availability, including limited abilities children. In the framework of the programme “Accessibility” implementation conditions for inclusive education in 4 professional educational institutions that makes 16 per cent of the total have been created. For this purpose in 2015 RUR 2770.0 thousand from the federal budget and RUR 3076.6 thousand from the republican budget of Mordovia were allocated. Two multifunctional centres by the specialisations “Agriculture” and “Machine-Building” operate in the republic. In 2015 on the base of Saransk State Industrial and Economic College jointly with OJSC “Stankostroytel” the centre by the specialisation “Welding Technologies” was established. 379 people received training by 37 professional training programmes in the three centres. In accordance with the republican plan for professional training development by 2018 it is planned to establish 6 such centres, including four of industrial specialisation, one – of agricultural and one – of construction specialisation.


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