Industrial production has major share in economy of the Republic of Mordovia. Main components of Mordovian industry are: production of transportation means and equipment, electric, electronic and optic equipment, machinery and equipment, metallurgical production and production of ready-made metal items, chemical production, production of rubber and plastic items, textile and sewing production, wood processing and production of wooden items.
Production of transportation means and equipment is represented by the following joint-stock companies:
- OJSC “Ruzkhimmash” – supplier of capacitive heat-exchange equipment for oil and gas industry, railway tanks, open wagons, hopper cars, specialized platforms, gas trailer-trucks, refuelers, fuel-transporters;
- OJSC “Saransk Wagon-repairing Plant” – engaged in capital repair of tank cars;
- OJSC “Saransk Dump-truck Plant” – produces dump-trucks, auto parts, trailers, hauling and adhesion devices to automobiles;
- OJSC “MordovAgroMash” – produces dump-trailers for tractors, tractor trailer chassis, feed dispensers, mixer – feed dispensers, complex-trailers for firefighting, seeding machines, cultivators, grain-loading machines, deep tillers, fertilizer applicators, automobile trailers.
Production of electric, electronic and optic equipment is carried out by:
- OJSC “Plant “Saranskkabel” – producer of wide spectrum of cables: power paper and plastic insulated, control, telephone, signal and blocking, vessel, radiofrequency, fireproof;
- State unitary enterprise of the Republic of Mordovia “Lisma” – producer of lighting sources, including: general application incandescent lamps, high-efficiency gas-discharge, halogen lamps as well as different kinds of special lamps;
- OJSC “Electrovypryamitel” – producer of power semi-conductors, converter installations, current converters, rectifying installations for electric locomotives engines, etc. OJSC “Electrovypryamitel” is one of the first Russian companies to develop production of devices based on wide-gap semiconductor materials. It can be used to create energy-saving converters, in particular secondary power supply sources and electric drives of new generation, which is very important in providing security of country’s energy supply. Innovation production of “Electrovypryamitel” is one of the proofs, that Russia is capable of not only buying, but also of producing high-technology products;
- OJSC “Ardatov light-engineering plant” and OJSC “Kadoshkino electrotechnical plant” produce wide range of different types of household and industrial lighting devices;
- OJSC “Orbita” – producer of rectifier blocks and voltage controllers for self-contained generators, electrical equipment for energy production, electronic control gears for transport, household and industrial lighting devices, microchips, semiconductors and other electronic technology products.
Production of machines and equipment is represented by:
- OJSC “Sarex” – one of the largest Russian producers of excavators on the basis of wheel-tyre tractors MTZ-80/82. Besides traditional products “Sarex” produces a number of specialized machines and a wide spectrum of agricultural machinery: ploughs, cultivators, disc harrows;
- OJSC “Stankostroitel” – specializes in production of forging and rolling-mill equipment.
Metallurgical production and production of ready-made metal items are presented by large enterprises – “VKM-Steel” Ltd, CJSC “Tsvetlit” and Group of companies MK “MVS”.
Chemical production is represented by OJSC “Biokhimik”, which is producing more than 100 positions of medical products including antibiotics, blood substitutes, a wide spectrum of infusion and saline solutions.
Production of rubber and plastic items is presented by OJSC “Saransk Plant “Rezinotechnika”, which is producing more than 15 thousand positions of rubber products supplied to many industrial branches.
The largest wood processing and wooden items production enterprise is CJSC “Plyterra” – producer of plywood and birchen veneer sheet, saw-timber made of hardwood and softwood.
A number of enterprises of textile and sewing production are located in the territory of the republic. They produce different sorts of sewing, knitted, legwear, ribbon weave and twisted items, decorative fabrics. These are “Industrial complex “Sura”, “Lenta”, CJSC “Ruztex”, CJSC “Trading House “Sartex”, “Ruzaevka sewing factory” Ltd.
Group of companies “Car-Building Company of Mordovia” with the leading company OJSC “Ruzkhimmash” stays an absolute leader in sales-volume of produced goods. At this company production complex for steel and iron casting is being established alongside with new types of freight wagons production development and applied technologies modernization. Production complex for steel and iron casting will supply car-building industry, automobile production and other industries.
In the coming years high-tech production of optic fibre for cable production which has no analogues in Russia will be developed. It is planned to build a plant with the capacity of 1.5 mln. km of optic fibre per year in Saransk. Presently all optic fibre consumed by Russian cable producers is purchased from foreign companies. Taking into account the dynamics of information technologies development and increase in the number of fibre-optic communication connections, a significant increase in optic fibre consumption is expected. Besides, development of import substituting products used particularly for exigencies of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of internal affairs of Russia as well as Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information will promote information and economic security of the country.

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