Presently more than 100 printed and electronic mass media have been registered in Saransk.
Total average one-time edition of all local publications makes more than 350 thousand copies. On the average one copy goes for two residents of the republic. Mordovia is one of the most filled with press regions of this country. On the level of postal subscription per capita as well as on the total number of regional news-papers per one resident of the republic occupies the leading positions in Russia.
Absolute leadership among local socio-political editions withstanding competition with all the federal network projects and actively ousting them from the regional information space is a characteristic feature of the Mordovia news-paper market.
Weekly news-papers “Stolitsa S” (31 thousand copies), “Vecherny Saransk” (22 thousand copies), daily news-paper “Izvestiya Mordovii” (22 thousand copies) are the most mass-market editions in Mordovia.
A daily weekly socio-political news-paper is issued in each of 22 municipal districts of the republic. Total edition of all district news-papers makes approximately 70 thousand copies.
Four news-papers and five magazines in the Mordovian languages and two news-papers in the Tatar language are issued in the republic. Besides, editorial staff of Mordovia district news-papers on the regular basis publishes several printed sides in the national language. Edition of seven national periodicals (news-papers and magazines), radio “Vaigel” (“Golos”), as well as a number of TV-programmes on State TV and Radio Channel “Mordovia” (“Siyazhar”) and channel “TeleSet Mordovia” (“Od Pinge”) is financed from the republican budget of the Republic of Mordovia.
Seven news-papers and magazines for children and youth are issued in Mordovia. Publication of four children’s and youth periodicals, two of them – in the Mordovian languages – is financed from the republican budget of the Republic of Mordovia. Children’s magazines are printed in colour.
A number of interregional editions such as “Finno-Ugric News-Paper” and magazine “Finno-Ugric World” are issued in the territory of Mordovia.
Local press is printed at four polygraphic enterprises of the republic. A number of news-papers (“Stolitsa S”, “Vecherny Saransk”, “Mokshen Pravda”, “Erzyan Pravda”, etc’) are printed in colour.
The electronic mass media market including three TV-channels, about ten radio stations, two information agencies is dynamically developing. Coverage of the population with TV-programmes makes 98%, radio programmes – 100%.
Mordovia is one of the first regions of Russia to apply digital television technologies. Presently the project for the development of digital television of DVB-T standard in Mordovia is implemented by the branch of OJSC “VolgaTelecom” in the Republic of Mordovia – one of the largest communication providers in Russia. In the framework of the project residents of the republic possesses the opportunity of watching digital television, receiving four stereo-sound radio channels, Internet connection, video on the demand and other information services.
In the nearest future broadcasting of own digital channel on the basis of the republican branch of OJSC “VolgaTelecom” will become the next important step in the development of this project. Besides, six cable TV providers including those in three municipal districts of the republic presently operate in the territory of Mordovia. CJSC “Contact – TV”, the largest cable TV provider, carries out broadcasting of 70 channels of analogue and digital quality.
Market of Internet resources is one of the most dynamically developing in the republic. In 2007 – 2011 it has grown up by several times.
Official Internet site of state power bodies of the Republic of Mordovia plays an important role in meeting information demands of the population not only inside the region. The Government of the republic made the decision on its launching in 2007.
General information about the Republic of Mordovia, official information on the activities of state power bodies and most significant events taking place in Mordovia, regional legal acts, state services and the order of their rendering, social and economic and moral development, investment, scientific, national and cultural potential as well as other resources in the disposal of the republic is placed there.

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