Almost 24 thousand small and medium-scale enterprises operate in the Republic of Mordovia on January 1 st 2015 including 5788 micro-enterprises, 1193 small enterprises, 120 medium-sized enterprises, 18219 individual entrepreneurs and 667 farm households.
Dynamic development of small enterprises is mainly provided by implementation of the development and state support programmes of this sector of economy (7 realized since 1994). The Complex program of development and state support of small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Mordovia in 2011-2015 is currently carried out.
An important direction of state support of small-scale entrepreneurship in the republic (including in the frames of the mentioned Programmes) is attraction of finances from different sources. It is needed to satisfy infrastructural requirements of small business and implementation of highly efficient business projects in priority trends of production sphere.


With assistance from local government authorities following organizations have been established and operate in Mordovia: Non-profit organization “Regional venture fund of investments in small companies in scientific-and-technological sphere in the Republic of Mordovia”, Non-profit organization “Regional fund of investing in small and medium enterprises of the Republic of Mordovia”, State Enterprise “Business-incubator of the Republic of Mordovia”, Autonomous Institution “Guarantee fund of credit support of the Republic of Mordovia”, Non-profit organization “Republic of Mordovia fund for entrepreneurship”, microfinance organizations: “House of small business” Ltd (city Saransk) and “SMP” Ltd (Atyashevsky municipal district), information and law centres for small-scale entrepreneurship (Ardatovsky, Atyashevsky, Temnikovsky, Torbeyevsky and Chamzinsky municipal districts).
Municipal programs of entrepreneurship support are realized in all municipal districts and city Saransk, 6 programs are realized in settlements with mono-economic production structure.


A set of measures on creation of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies is being realized in Saransk.
One of the goals of Technopark is creation and efficient administration of small innovation businesses, transfer and implementation of developed high technologies. Implementation of state policy of financial, information, skilled labour support of innovation, production and new socially-oriented projects of small-scale entrepreneurship shall be continued within the framework of the Complex program of development and state support of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in the Republic of Mordovia in 2011-2015. Support measures are aimed at:
— support of starting entrepreneurs;
— training and retraining of unemployed fundamentals of entrepreneurship, assisting their employment;
— creating favorable conditions for development of entrepreneurship activities at municipal level;
— providing small and medium enterprises access to financial resources,
— assisting formation of human resources potential and positive image of entrepreneurship, including by means of Presidential programme of management training for national economy;
— arranging participation of small and medium enterprises in competitions for best innovation projects, in exhibition and trade fair activities on favorable terms.


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